Eliminate Kitchen Odors

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The kitchen can be home to many sweet-smelling feasts, but when those aromas are overpowered by a reeking appliance or accessory, the family would probably prefer to stay hungry. If you’re battling offensive odors from your garbage disposal, refrigerator, trash can, dishwasher or stove top, read on for easy solutions to keep things clean and fresh-scented year round.
The Stink: Garbage Disposal
The Solution: Pour a cup of boiling water through the disposal, which will clean off the blades. Then grind up citrus peels like lemon or orange rind.
The Stink: Refrigerator
The Solution: Soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract, then put it in a little bowl on the lowest open shelf. Remove in a few days when dry. (If you prefer the smell of coffee, try a bowl of used coffee grounds instead.)
The Stink: Garbage Can
The Solution: Try SimpleHuman Charcoal Filters. These ingenious strips of charcoal stick to the inside of the lid, and can be recharged by placing in sunlight. ($3.99 for two at SimpleHuman.com)
Learn how to solve your toughest household cleaning problems.
The Stink: Dishwasher
The Solution: A half-full dishwasher can stink up a kitchen in no time, so run the light rinse, with no soap. The steam will remove most of the food. If odors persist, get in the empty machine with a sponge and nailbrush, and clean out all the filters and parts on the bottom—something is likely stuck.
The Stink: Stove
The Solution: Before you turn on the burner, turn on the range hood—every single time. Why? Some of the particles and gases that come off the stovetop while you’re cooking have been connected to respiratory health problems, particularly in children. And regularly clean your range hood filter (you can usually access it by snapping off the tabs near the vent).

Apple: Free cases to alleviate iPhone 4 problems

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CUPERTINO, Calif. – Apple says it will give free protective cases to buyers of its latest iPhone model to alleviate the so-called “death grip” problem: holding the phone with a bare hand can muffle the wireless signal.
Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs announced the giveaway Friday at the company’s headquarters in California. Those who have already bought the phone and new buyers through Sept. 30 will all be eligible. People who already purchased the $29 “Bumper” cases will be refunded.
Earlier, Jobs declared, “We’re not perfect.”
But he says the problem isn’t widespread. He says just over five out of every thousand users have complained to Apple’s warranty service, and less than 2 percent have returned the device.
Consumer Reports refused to recommend the phone and called on Apple to compensate buyers.

Complete List of Foursquare Badges and How To Unlock Them

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Unlocking Foursquare badges has become a hobby and even an obsession for many of the active Foursquare users. Here is a complete list of Foursquare Badges and how to unlock them.
These badges are unlocked by users, they do not serve a business purpose and are intended to be fun.
Traditional Foursquare Badges
(these are offered from the traditional screen)
NEWBIE BADGE: Awarded for your very first check in
ADVENTURER BADGE: Check in to 10 different venues
EXPLORER BADGE: Check in to 25 different venues
SUPERSTAR BADGE: Check in to 50 different venues
BENDER BADGE: Check in 4 nights in a row
CRUNKED BADGE: Check in 4 times in one night
LOCAL BADGE: Check in to the same place 3x in the same week
SUPER USER BADGE: Check in 30 times in the same month
PLAYER PLEASE! BADGE: Check in with 3 members of the opposite sex (Nice work btw)
SCHOOL NIGHT BADGE: Check in after 3am on a school night
FAR FAR AWAY BADGE: Check in in outside the New York City “boundaries” (other cities also apply)
BROOKLYN 4 LIFE BADGE: Check in 25+ times in Brooklyn, New York
PHOTOGENIC BADGE: Check in 3 times with a venue that’s been tagged having a “photobooth”
SOCIALITE BADGE: “Keep this up and you’re going to end up on Valleywag with Julia Allison”
- (looking into how to unlock)
GOSSIP GIRL BADGE: “Check into a venue tagged “Gossip girl” (could be NYC specific)”
DOUCHEBAG BADGE: Unlocked after checking into venues tagged with “douchebag”
ANIMAL HOUSE BADGE: Unlocked after checking-in to venue labeled “Fraternity” and “College”
ZIGGY’S WAGON BADGE: Check in with 3 food trucks
DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ BADGE: Check in to 3 venues tagged “karaoke” in a month
GYM RAT BADGE: Check in to a gym 10 times in 30 days
OVERSHARE BADGE: Check in +10 times in a span of 12 hours
TRAINSPOTTER BADGE: Check in with the San Fransisco BART 10 times
JETSETTER BADGE: Check in to 5 different airports
16 CANDLES BADGE: Send 5 different birthday shout outs
ZOETROPE BADGE: Have 10 movie theater check ins (can be same theater)
PIZZAIOLO BADGE: Check in to 20 different pizza places
JOBS BADGE: Check in to 3 Apple Stores
WARHOL BADGE: Check in to 10 different venues that have been tagged “gallery”
BABYSITTER BADGE: Check in to 10 playgrounds
SWARM BADGE: Check in a venue with 50+ people have also checked in at the same time
SUPER MAYOR BADGE: Be the current Mayor of 10 venues
I’M ON A BOAT! BADGE: Check in to a venue tagged ‘boat’

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