Going, going, gone into Disney Vault on Jan. 30

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JANUARY 15, 2010 AT 1:47 PM via Orlando Sentinal
Do the words Disney Vault push you into the nearest store to buy the Disney movies that will be locked up for the next decade? (That is, if you didn’t succumb to the marketing and buy the movie when it was first released.)
Animated films are the target of Disney’s vault, and they are on a 10-year rotation, supposedly to keep the movies fresh for new generations. Of course, the system is designed to increase demand for the products.
On Jan. 30, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will place these movies in the Disney Vault:
** Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray
** The Jungle Book
** The Jungle Book 2
** 101 Dalmatians
** 101 Dalmatians II
** 101 Dalmatians (live-action)
** 102 Dalmatians (live action)
I’m curious what the eBay effect has been on the vault system. Has it quelled the panic some fanatics might have over not being able to access a beloved movie?
Anticipation seems to be building online for the DVD re-release of Beauty and the Beast, which has been under lock and key. No date has been announced, but new Diamond and Blu-ray editions are expected in 2010.
We own Beauty and the Beast — and a large collection of Disney movies — on VHS, thanks to a generous friend. But as much as my children love all things Disney, they are not inclined to watch movies in that antiquated format when they have other DVDs to choose from. I’m having trouble letting go of the movies because they are Disney classics, but it seems silly to hang on to them at this point. Anyone else dealing with this issue?
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